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Sports Funding 2015-16

Impact of School Sports Premium for 2015/16

  • Additional resources for the playground have enabled a greater range of opportunities to be available at unstructured times of the day, encouraging greater participation.

  • The various CPD opportunities accessed through our Take Pride CIC packaged had a significant impact on increasing the confidence and subject knowledge for staff who reported:

  • “CPD has provided me with inspiration for future lesson content.”

  • “I have gained more ideas on how to link certain activities and develop children's skills; from basic catching of a ball to moving with the ball and catching it.”

  • “CPD was really useful to see possible progression of skills eg beanbag activities. Made me realise my planning needs to be even more skills based to ensure better differentiation.”

  • “All of the activities/training/lessons observed had a faster pace than I may have previously used. It has made me more aware of pace in my own lessons.”

  • “It has been really valuable teaching PE with Rob as I have gained so many games/activities that I can use with my class.”