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Support Staff

Family Support and Wellbeing Assistant:

Mrs Z Deubel


''Hello, I'm Mrs Duebel and I am the family support and wellbeing assistant at The Oaks School. I love working with children and families, and I am here to help and support you in any way that I can. When I'm not at school, I love to spend time with my family and our dogs. I enjoy reading, walks in the park, baking, and cuddling up on the sofa to watch a nice film!"


Trust Attendance Officer:

Mrs A Adcock


"Hello, my name is Mrs Adcock and I am lucky enough to work across all four schools within the Trust. I am currently based at Minterne but travel to the other schools so you should see me on the gates in the mornings. I work as part of the Wellbeing Team and manage school attendance. I love my job and it's lovely to see the children's smiley faces each day when they come into school!

When I'm not at work I love spending time with my family, going to the cinema and for long walks with our two dogs."


Nursery Nurse:

Mrs C Betts (Clare)


"Hello everyone. I am Clare and I'm so lucky to spend every day in the Ladybirds Nursery Class playing with all of my fabulous friends.

I like being happy and having fun, exploring lots of new and exciting activities. I especially enjoy making bubbly, rainbow puddles with the boys and girls outside and splashing about in our wellies!!

At home I love being with my family and friends. I enjoy eating all things nice! I like going shopping and taking our dogs for long walks before curling up with our fleecy blankets to watch a funny film."

Nursery Nurse:

Miss J Nunn (Jo)


"Hello, I am Joanne and I think Ladybirds Nursery class is fantastic. I really enjoy playing inside and outside, and I really love dancing and singing. I especially like sharing fun times and making each other laugh lots.

I have two dogs at my house; we have fun times together, especially when walking by the seaside. Henry and Ozzie always run into the sea and get VERY wet! They shake and make me very wet too...cheeky!"

Nursery Nurse and After School Club Leader: 

Mrs T Jurgens (Teri)


''Hello, my name is Terri and I am in the Ladybirds Nursery. When I am at home I like to play with my puppy Ralph, make cakes and I love to complete different puzzles. I really enjoy playing in the garden at school and painting pictures. My favourite colour is lilac!'' 

Higher Level Teaching Assistant:

Mrs S Risbridger


"Hello everyone! I really love working at The Oaks with all the children. I'm currently working as a Teaching Assistant across the school.

When I am not at work I love spending time with my family and going for walks (when it's not raining!)."

Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Breakfast Club Leader:

Miss H Eddicott


"I really enjoy working and having fun with the children. I especially love role play and getting messy! When I am not at school I enjoy taking my two big dogs for lots of walks and supporting my favourite football team!"

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs S Pearn


"Hello, my name is Mrs Pearn and I am a Teaching Assistant in Year 2.  I love coming to The Oaks every day and one of my favourite parts of the school day is listening to the children read.  I love reading myself because I think there’s nothing better than being transported in a good story.  Outside of school, I am kept very busy with my two children and VERY energetic dog Cooper."

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs F Green


"Hi! I'm Mrs Green and I work in Year 2. I love Me Time when I get to chat to you all and find out what you have been up to when you are not at school or join in with your games and colouring. My favourite lesson is Science where we get to do really exciting experiments!

When I'm not at school, I love being outdoors and active with my family. Some of our favourite things to do are to explore the woods near where we live and go bug-hunting or find new places to visit when we go away in our caravan!"

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs T Brown


"Hello everyone, I love working here with all of you, learning new things, dancing around, running around in the playground, going to the woods and having fun.

When I am at home I look after my two children who are always very bust cycling or dancing and I enjoy taking my dogs Lizzie and Bella for walks."

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs K Vigeon


"Hello my name is Mrs Vigeon and I work in Blackbird Class in The Acorn Centre.

I enjoy having fun with the children especially outside when we can jump in the puddles.

When I'm at home I love spending time with my family, walking, cycling and watching films."

Breakfast Club Assistant:

Mrs L Brown


"Hi, I'm Mrs Brown. I really enjoy working in Breakfast Club.

Outside of school I'm very busy looking after my two children and our dog called Boris. We love spending time walking and going to the park."

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs S Green


"Hi! I'm Mrs Green and I work in Year R. My favourite part of my job is interacting with all the children in 'ChiL' time.

When I'm not in school I enjoy spending time with my family. We love being active and outdoors, our favourite thing is going on bike rides. I also love

going on holiday spending time together, visiting new places and generally having lots of fun!"

Teaching Assistant: 

Mrs M Bartle


''Hiya, my name is Mrs Bartle. I am a 1:1 Teaching Assistant in Year R. I love working with children and helping with their learning. When I am not in school I enjoy baking cakes for my family and friends. I also love gardening and growing plants from seeds. I have one daughter and a dog. We love to go out walking together. 

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs V Van-Den-Broek


"Hi my name is Mrs Van-Den-Broek and I work in Year 1. I really enjoy coming into school everyday and seeing the children's lovely smiley faces. When I'm not in school I enjoy spending time with my family, visiting new places especially France. I also love cooking and baking delicious cakes!"

Teaching Assistant:

Miss K Buddle


"Hi I’m Miss Buddle and I work in Year R.

I love seeing the children’s bright smiley faces and listening to their interesting stories.  I enjoy P.E. days and Welly Walks.

When not in school I am with my 2 children and our dog.  We enjoy going out on our bikes or having great fun at the beach, but we do love the odd pyjama day watching films usually when it’s raining."

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs J Walsom


"Hi, my name is Mrs Walsom.  I support learning in Year R. I really enjoy the Welly Walk and 5 a day, I'm still learning these!
When I'm not at school I enjoy spending time with my family, going on long walks and baking cakes."

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs A Blackmore


"Hello! I'm Mrs Blackmore I work in Year 1. I love our PE days and '5-a-day', although I need a bit more practice at street dance!

At home, I spend lots of time in the park with my family and our dog Summer, even when it's raining!"

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs D Townsend-Blazier


''Hello everyone, I'm Mrs D Townsend-Blazier. I love working in The Oaks and coming to school everyday to see all your smiley faces! When I'm not at work I'm kept busy at home with my husband, 2 boys and our dog Bo. We love going for walks and visiting the park.'' 

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs J Townsend-Blazier


"My name is Mrs Townsend-Blazier. I have been at the school for over twenty years. I love working with the children and this year I am in Year 1, which is great.

I have been married for over thirty years and have two sons. We have recently become grandparents, so this has given us a new lease of life; keeping us very busy and poor! But it is fantastic."

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs M Smith


"Hello, I am Mrs Smith and I enjoy coming to school every day.

I love cooking, reading and watching most sports. I especially like going to Arsenal Football Club with my family."

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs S Mannering-Green


"Hi, I'm Mrs Mannering-Green! I love working at The Oaks school and all of the children are amazing. I really enjoy playing all of the fun activities with the children and learning about our different topics. Outside of school I love spending time with my family and going to the park with my two sons."

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs D Vann-Scott


"Hello, my name is Mrs Vann-Scott.

I work in Year 1 as a Teaching Assistant and a Midday Supervisor.

I love my job and I love working with the children. When I'm not at work I love going away in my motorhome with my family."

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs T Woodcock


"Hi, I'm Mrs Woodcock and I work as a Teaching Assistant and a Midday Supervisor at The Oaks.  I love working at the school with the children and the staff, we always have lots of fun.

When I am not at school I enjoy family time with my husband and two children, we enjoy going on bike rides and camping."



Speech and Language

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs E Sutehall


"Hi, my name is Mrs Sutehall and I love working at The Oaks school, helping all the amazing children with their speech and language.  When I'm not at school I enjoy Karate, singing and being with my two boys."

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs P Vadher


"Hi, my name is Mrs Vadher and I am very lucky to be working in Blackbirds Class. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know all of the children. I especially enjoy being creative with the children and going on exciting Welly Walks in the woods.

When I am at home, my two children always keep me busy and we love going to the beach and baking delicious cakes."

Teaching Assistant and After School Club Assistant: 

Mrs M Hughes


''Hi, I’m Mrs Hughes and I work as a Midday Meal Supervisor, Teaching Assistant and After School Club Assistant. I enjoy working with kids across different year groups. When I’m not at school I love spending time with my husband, 2 sons and our puppy Bucky. Our family hobby is LEGO :D My current project is building a LEGO model of our house.''

The Acorn Centre Teaching Assistant:

Miss K Sharp


"Hello! My name is Miss Sharp. I am a full time TA and midday lunch supervisor for Blackbirds class. My most rewarding time is working with young children and I have been doing this for 25 years. After taking a 4-year career break after having my daughter, I started a new path in the Acorn Centre. I love planning craft activities, games and having fun whilst the children are learning. When I'm not at school I enjoy exploring new places and going on adventures with  my daughter and friends."

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs K Whyton


"Hello everyone, I'm Miss Whyton. I love working at The Oaks and seeing all the smiley faces every day. I love playing games outside and getting the art and crafts out in the classroom. 

When I'm at home I love to play with my three dogs and go for walks at the beach with my family."

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs L Tutt


"Hey there my lovely Oak-lings! My name is Mrs Tutt and I absolutely love working within The Oaks! You and my fellow staff are what make my job an absolute joy to do. I really enjoy learning and having fun with you and I especially love all the new things that you teach me too! I get super excited when it comes to arts and crafts, I find it great fun to draw and make things. One of the most important things to me though is making you feel settled within your surroundings and ensuring that you are happy. I will always do my best to make sure you enjoy your days at The Oaks and so will everyone else. You are what is important to us!"

Teaching Assistant: 

Miss N Ward


Hello, I’m Mrs Ward and I really love being part of The Oaks family. I have enjoyed experiencing welly walks and watching the children interact during CHIL.

I have a little boy and we love arts and crafts and finding creative ways to learn. We also enjoy baking and lots of trips to the park when we get the chance.


Teaching Assistant:

Mrs H McNealy


Hello, my name is Mrs McNealy and I am a teaching assistant in blackbirds class. 

I love being part of The Oaks team and helping the children with their learning.

When I am not at The Oaks I like to spend time with my family. I also like to ride my horses with my daughter and enjoy taking my two dogs for a walk. 

Nursery Teaching Assistant:

Mrs B Cosier (Bethany)


"Hello everybody! I am Bethany and I love being a busy ladybird in Ladybirds Nursery. I really enjoy exploring and having lots of fun with different activities, especially getting messy with foam play and painting!

At home, I like to have some fun times with my big family and our silly dog Luna, who loves doing lots of tricks and going out on walks. I also enjoy doing lots of baking, making chocolate cake and biscuits!"


Midday Meals Supervisors

Mrs C Matthews, Mrs C Roberts, Mrs E O'Sullivan, Mrs K Sharp, Mrs L Scott, Mrs M Hughes, Mrs L Chung-Yates, Mrs D Vann-Scott, Mrs T Woodcock, Mrs K Whyton, Mrs D Rogers, Mrs J Elliott, Mrs S Goddard.