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Class Teacher and Yr R Leader:

Mrs K O'Connor


"Hello! I am Mrs. O'Connor. I love working in Year R, and opening up our classrooms and outdoor areas for child-led freeflow learning gives me the chance to get to know all of the Year R children! I especially love being outside and visiting the woods on our welly walks. When I am at home, my three teenage sons keep me very busy. I also love reading, listening to music, and travelling!"

Class Teacher and Year 1 Leader:

Mrs N Chapman


"Hello.  My name is Mrs Chapman and I
teach in Year 1. I love to see the children having fun and sharing ideas to help each other achieve. In my spare time I like to go to the beach with my family.  I also enjoy  taking my dog, Cleo, out for long walks in the countryside."

Class Teacher and Year 2 Leader:

Miss L Bore


"Hello! I’m Miss Bore and I teach in Year 2. I really love teaching and especially enjoy sharing stories with the children in my class. I like teaching everything but particularly enjoy Literacy and Numeracy - especially if we can learn outside!

When I’m not in school I enjoy reading, cooking and travelling to new places and countries!" 

Class Teacher:

Miss L Copping 


"Hello! My name is Miss Copping and I teach in Kingfishers Class. My most favourite thing about working at The Oaks is it feels like one big friendly family! I absolutely love teaching our creative curriculum and trying to find new and exciting ways for the children in my class to learn.

We enjoy reading new stories in Literacy and Numeracy we love to learn with Motty, our Maths Mascot, but most of all WE LOVE TOPIC! We have so much fun and really enjoy finding creative ways to show what we have been learning. When I'm not at school I enjoy taking my puppy Dougal for walks, cooking and going on holidays!"

Class Teacher:

Miss D Frith


"Hi! I'm Miss Frith. Although I enjoy teaching most subjects, my ultimate favourite is Literacy. I am Mr Men crazy and have collected all of the books and toys since I was young. I studied Geography at University and I really enjoy travelling."

Class Teacher:

Miss J Byrne


"I teach in Year 2 and I love it! My favourite subject to teach is PE, especially team games. I also enjoy reading different Roald Dahl stories to the children, if I had to pick one in particular it would be George’s Marvellous Medicine. 

In my spare time I enjoy going on long walks with my son and dog. I also play hockey most Saturdays, it is a lot of fun."

Class Teacher:

Mrs C Adkins (Claire)


"Hello, I work in Ladybirds. We always have so much fun and I love being outside, especially in the rain when there are huge puddles to jump in! My favourite time of the day is when we all come together to share a story or a song. When I'm not at school, I love being outdoors and enjoy cycling and paddle boarding, but I'm at my happiest on a long walk with my family and two dogs."




The Acorn Centre Teacher:

Miss K Miller


"Hello! I am Miss Miller and I teach in Blackbirds Class. My favourite topic is Literacy and reading the children in my class stories. When I am not at school I enjoy walking my two dogs, Bruce and Lily, in the woods. I also love to ride my horse Jimmy. He loves to gallop though big muddy puddles."


Class Teacher:

Miss B Jones (Bethan)


"Hello, I’m Miss Jones. I love to sing songs and make creative things with the children in my class. Story time is my favourite time of the day!  When I’m not at school, I like to play and go for walks out to the park, with my children.  I also like to do a spot of baking."


Class Teacher:

Mrs J Wakelen


"Hello! I am Mrs Wakelen and I teach in Year R. I like reading stories and playing with the children, having lots of fun. I enjoy taking the children outdoors to explore our environment. When I am not at school I enjoy spending time with my three children and going on walks in the woods and to the beach. I love animals, especially tigers!!"

Class Teacher:

Miss G Rayner


"Hello! My name is Miss Rayner and I teach in Year 1. I love teaching our creative curriculum as it encourages children to take charge of their own learning. I enjoy reading lots of stories and being outside as much as possible. When I am not at school I like to go to the beach or for long walks with my friends and family. I also love to visit new places. Going on holiday is just the best!"



Class Teacher:

Miss S Mancini


"Hello everyone! I am Miss Mancini and I teach in Year R. I really love teaching in Year R as I love exploring our learning environments together and having lots of fun! I particularly love reading stories, writing and learning outdoors. When I am not at school I love being by the sea, going for long walks and travelling to see new places around the world!"


Class Teacher:

Mrs F Vail


“Hello. My name is Mrs Vail and I teach in Wagtail class. I absolutely love working at The Oaks. It is a school full of wonderful people in an absolutely beautiful and tranquil setting. I enjoy teaching the exciting creative curriculum that The Oaks provides and love to see the children flourish as a result. My favourite subjects to teach are: dance, music, maths and literacy. I love story time and my favourite book is ‘The Paper Dolls’. When I am not teaching I enjoy visiting new places with my family, going for long walks in the countryside and day trips to the beach. My children and I are also trying to understand and speak Italian, you never stop learning!”


Class Teacher:

Mrs M James


"Hi! My name is Mrs James and I am one of the class teachers in Year R. I really enjoy Welly Walking in the woods with the children. I enjoy traveling and walking my dog."


Numbers Count and Reading Recovery Teacher

Mrs L Knowlton


"Hi. My name is Mrs Knowlton and I'm the Numbers Count Teacher and I also teach in Year 1. I love working with the children to improve their maths skills. I have a small area in the library and we learn maths in a very fun and creative way. When I'm not thinking of ideas for Numbers Count, I love to spend time with my family and friends and I help out at the local church. As well as loving maths, I also love languages and I play the piano."