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Year 1

We welcome all Goldfinches, Robins and Wagtails into Year One and we are looking forward to learning, discovering and exploring together.



Term One

Our topic is called,

'Me and other animals.'


We are going to be learning about ourselves and other animals. We will learn names for body parts inside and outside the body and investigate using our senses. It is going to be fun!


We have enjoyed reading about the different things you have been doing over the Summer on Tapestry. 


The book we are going to be reading is called, 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson. We will be asking questions about the characters and pretending to be them! We will pretend to explore the different places they travel to.


The Year One team have been working hard to make the environments as stimulating and inviting as possible. We cannot wait for you to explore them! The doors that link the classrooms have been opened and the space is fantastic, so you can now learn in ALL the Year One classrooms and in the outside zones.


Where will you choose to learn?


Will you go into Goldfinches class and explore the art area, the small world area, the home corner or the calm area:


You may want to become a publisher in Robins class, or make and mould salt dough or create artwork with the loose parts or find out answers to questions in the research area...


It will be fun to travel into Goldfinches class and build structures in the construction zone, play games in the Maths zone or explore letters and sounds in the Phonics area. There is also a wonderful reading corner...

Outside you can become an author in the Fairytale Wood or compose a song in the Music area or even become a carpenter in the Woodwork Shack. There is a fantastic mud kitchen too where you can measure and weigh ingredients.






Term 2 - Celebrations


English - Get ready to choose your words carefully to write a sparkly poem all about Bonfire Night. We will be inspired by the poem 'Fire' by Shirley Hughes.


Rama and Sita went on an amazing adventure, meeting some amazing characters. We will learn all about them when we focus on the Hindu festival of light, 'Diwali'.


On the week of Remembrance Sunday we will learn about the lives of two soldiers in a book entitled, 'Where the Poppies Grow.' It is a historic story about bravery and friendship.


We will also retell The Nativity Story.


Maths - This term we will be focusing on shape and adding and subtracting numbers using 'part-whole' models.


Science - We will be learning how materials including food change when we add or take away heat. We will be learning how to work scientifically by asking questions and observing.

Seasonal changes will also be focused on.


Topic - The children will be learning about The Gunpowder plot, friendship, road safety, map work and making decorations.


PE - We will learn how to play team games and link a sequence of movements to create a dance.


Personal Development - The children will be learning about 'Myself and others'. We will be thinking about our own emotions and how to respect the feelings of others.

Our provision has been expanded to include a range of wooden blocks and people, small world animals, measuring jugs and funky fingers activities.

Home Learning

Check out these links to websites and suggestions of things you can do at home. 

Oxford Owl is a great website with a wide range of ideas for phonics and maths. Take a look at their free eBook library too, where you can find books matched to your child's book band with accompanying activities. 

As well as accessing the learning websites listed above please continue to support your child to access the Numblocks learning site. 

If your child could work through the criteria listed to achieve the bronze, silver and gold Maths awards this would also be very beneficial to them.