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Year 1

Home Learning

Check out these links to websites and suggestions of things you can do at home. 

Oxford Owl is a great website with a wide range of ideas for phonics and maths. Take a look at their free eBook library too, where you can find books matched to your child's book band with accompanying activities. 

As well as accessing the learning websites listed above please continue to support your child to access the Numblocks learning site. 

If your child could work through the criteria listed to achieve the bronze, silver and gold Maths awards this would also be very beneficial to them.

We welcome all Goldfinches, Robins and Wagtails into Year One and we are looking forward to learning, discovering and exploring together.



Term One

Our topic is called,

'Me and other animals.'


We are going to be learning about ourselves and other animals. We will learn names for body parts inside and outside the body and investigate using our senses. It is going to be fun!


We cannot wait to see the different animals you have been making at home.  We have enjoyed reading about the different things you have been doing over the Summer on Tapestry. 


The book we are going to be reading is called, 'The snail and the whale' by Julia Donaldson. We will be asking questions about the characters and pretending to be them! We will pretend to explore the different places they travel to.


The Year One team have been working hard to make the environments as stimulating and inviting as possible. We cannot wait for you to explore them! The doors that link the classrooms have been opened and the space is fantastic, so we can now learn in all the Year One classrooms and outside.


Where will you choose to learn?


Will you go into Goldfinches class and learn about numbers or pretend to be an explorer in the role play area?


You could make maps of your adventures in Robins Classroom, experiment with the measuring equipment or even publish your own book...



Or you could travel into Wagtails and explore shape and use the construction materials to build, practicing different attachment techniques...




Mrs Bones came to see us. She told us about the human skeleton and how it protects our organs. We asked her questions such as, "Why do our knees move?" Do you know the answer?

Term 2




What an exciting term this is! We are going to be learning about Diwali, Bonfire night, birthdays and Christmas.  There will be lots of singing and dancing!


What do you celebrate?


Miss Miller has been busy creating a school in the woods over half term so we will be able to have a bonfire, hooray!

The classrooms are ready for a celebration too.  Have a look:


Can you measure a skeleton?


Can you create a scene using conkers natural materials?

Don't forget to write a message next to it.smiley

Construct a tall bonfire with long and short dancing flames. 

Term 3 

Brilliant Buildings


This term we are going to be designers, constructors, engineers and learn how to evaluate and improve our plans.  We are also going to use our Geography knowledge to locate 'Brilliant buildings' in our local environment, then in The United Kingdom and finally around the world.

Year one have some fantastic new equipment to use to build brilliant buildings:

We are going to be focusing on the traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs'.

How many versions of this story can you find and read in the library?

Can you learn the story and perform it to your family with actions?


Term 4 - Step in Time


Strap yourselves in the time machine and get ready to zoom back in time...


We are going to explore the land of the dinosaurs.

Our next stop will be in Egypt to find out about Pharoahs and Mummies.

We will then investigate the Viking people and sample their drinks.

Our final destination will be the Victorian age. We will find out about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and their children. We will learn about travel and how children lived.

There are so many fiction and non-fiction books to read:

Make sure you go into Goldfinches Class and explore the role play area:

Go into Wagtails Class to plan, make and evaluate your own time machine...


Make sure you travel into Robins to cook pancakes and food from the past: