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Year 1

We welcome all Goldfinches, Robins and Wagtails into Year One and we are looking forward to learning, discovering and exploring together.



Term 4


Welcome back to a term full of growing. We are going to plant, nurture, observe and harvest fruit, vegetables and herbs and then we are going to make them into delicious snacks and eat them.


In English we are going to be inspired by different genres of writing. First we will read 'The Scarecrows Wedding' by Julia Donaldson. The children will learn how to compose a descriptive love letter to Betty.

Next we will be immersed in poetry and learn how to select words to compose a vivid Spring poem.

Then we will learn how to write persuasive sentences to entice our friends to try new fruit and vegetables.

Finally we will learn how to construct a recount beginning with time sentence starters.

Maths -  We will learn how to manipulate numbers to 50. The children will know how to measure accurately using standard and non-standard units.


Science - The children will investigate optimum conditions for growth. They will find out how to plant, nurture and harvest a seed. They will also learn how some plants survive in arid conditions and learn about the diet of plants including carnivorous plants.


Topic - The children will be able to name the 4 countries that make up The United Kingdom and the surrounding seas and oceans. They will discuss the works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and create their own fruit sculptures and paintings. 


Design Technology - Children will follow recipes to create healthy snacks and then eat them.



Term 5

'Step in Time'


We will be learning about many historical eras in our topic, 'Step in Time.' 

The children will be making a time machine and whizzing back to visit The Dinosaurs, Early people, Ancient Egyptians, The Vikings, The Victorians and then finally zooming into the future. They will be meeting some famous historical figures along the way!

Year one will travel to the following historical eras:

Home Learning

Check out these links to websites and suggestions of things you can do at home. 

Oxford Owl is a great website with a wide range of ideas for phonics and maths. Take a look at their free eBook library too, where you can find books matched to your child's book band with accompanying activities. 

As well as accessing the learning websites listed above please continue to support your child to access the Numblocks learning site. 

If your child could work through the criteria listed to achieve the bronze, silver and gold Maths awards this would also be very beneficial to them.