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Ladybirds Nursery

Welcome back to the last term of the academic year!

Our new children are all now very settled and we are looking forward to an exciting term filled with fun and sunshine.

This will also be the last term with many of our ladybirds as they will be embarking on the next step of their wonderful journey and moving on to the reception Year at The Oaks. I am sure that you will all join us in wishing them well as they fly our ladybird nest, we will miss them but I am sure that they will pop their heads over the fence to say hello.


We are hoping for some lovely weather so please ensure that the children have sun cream applied before nursery and if they need a top up please send the cream in with them and show them how to apply this themselves. We will be on hand for guidance but are not able to apply the cream. Please also send them in with a sun hat and a bottle full of water.


Thank you for all the donations of plants and seeds. The children had great fun planting these last term and we will be observing the changes and hopefully sampling some of our crops over the next month or so.

We have our nursery fun sports day in July that you are welcome to attend and take part in. If your child will leaving for school you will also be receiving a report toward the end of term.

Term 4

Welcome Back! The children are all well and truly settled and we are hoping for some brighter weather as we move towards the Summer term. 


This term we will be looking for signs of Spring and the children have already begun noticing the daffodils that are beginning to flower in our garden.  We will enjoy planting seeds and watching them grow and maybe even eating some of our crops!


We look forward to exploring the children's interests this term as we continue working with our focus children - if your child is due to be a focus child this term please do fill out the form that we send home as this really does help make our interactions more relevant and personal to your child.


Term 3

Happy New Year!  We hope you all had a restful and enjoyable Christmas break.  We would like to say a big hello to our new families; we look forward to getting to know you properly over the next few months. 


This term the children will be developing their social skills as they navigate new faces and personalities in the setting.  It is lovely to see how quickly the new children are welcomed by our existing Ladybirds and the new friendships that will be made.  


The colder months offer lots more exciting learning in our outside area as we notice changes to our landscape.  We will be spending lots of time outside so please make sure the children are prepared for the cold weather.


Please continue to share your children's time at home on Tapestry, the children really do enjoy sharing the photos and videos with their friends and it is a great way for them to start conversations and notice shared experiences.  


Term 2

Welcome back!  We hope you enjoyed the half term break.  Now the children are well and truly settled we will be enjoying the build up to Christmas and all the excitement that this brings.  

This term we will be increasing our visits to the woods and enjoying the changing colours of Autumn. The children really enjoy their time here and have the opportunity to explore and experience problem solving activities in the great outdoors! Have a look at some of the things we get up to on our visits.


We will be continuing to plan our sessions around the children's interests and share their learning with you on Tapestry.  




Fun in the woods

Welcome to Ladybirds!


A big hello and welcome to all our Ladybirds! I hope you have enjoyed the summer but are now looking forward to coming to join us in the nursery.  We have been busy getting the classroom ready and the only thing missing is you! 


This term will be all about getting to know each other and making new friends.  We have a beautiful indoor and outdoor space for you to explore and play in; you may enjoy spending time playing in the water tray, or perhaps making playdough?  You may prefer to build something with our construction materials outside or make a delicious mud pie in the mud kitchen.  Whatever you decide, we'll be there to play with you and support your learning as you go, I can't wait to see where your imagination will take you.


We hope you enjoy your time with us and soon feel part of the Ladybird family. 



Alistair Bryce-Clegg, who has inspired the Early Years ethos at The Oaks, has begun to gather some practical, fun activities to try at home here (there are more being added each day).
Share good quality online stories and enjoy fun Literacy and Numeracy activities here.