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How to Help Your Child

Numbots Parent Guide 2021

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What do we mean by 'expected'?

Parents' Guide to...Reading

To support you with reading at home, Mrs Knowlton, our Reading Recovery teacher, has created videos modelling a book introduction and reading sessions with three children at differing stages of their reading journey. Mrs Knowlton has also created a PowerPoint to further explain the reading process and the importance of book introductions, how to support your child if they are stuck on a word and also useful prompts for you to use.

Please follow the links below

Helpful prompts and information relating to the different coloured bands the children move through at The Oaks

How to help your Child (Activities to do at home)

Spelling words

These are linked to the phases being taught in Phonics. If you'd like to know which phase your child is working on then feel free to ask the class teacher.

Parents' Guide to...Calculations