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Year 2

Term 1: A place like home


We are very excited to welcome the children back and begin our very first topic... A place like home! We have lots of 'getting to know you' activities planned and lots of fun games to settle the children back into school. 


In English we will be focusing upon two texts ‘Beegu.’ and 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne. We are looking forward to becoming immersed in these amazing texts and completing lots of role play, creating our own illustrations, completing different writing opportunities like posters, story maps, describing characters and settings. 


During Maths lessons we are going to be focusing on number and place value, completing lots of practical, hands on activities using different manipulatives to support us like, tens frames, numicon and unifix cubes.


In Science we are going to be looking at living things and their habitats focusing on; polar habitats, rainforests, oceans, woodland and deserts!


During Topic we are predominately focusing on Geography. We are going to be creating our own map of the school grounds, looking at Sittingbourne town on Google maps, providing compass directions to a friend, comparing Sittingbourne to a town in Africa and creating our own 3D model of Sittingbourne! 


As you can see, we have got lots of great things planned for the children and we are so excited to begin! We hope you have all had a restful, fun summer and can't wait to see you in Year 2! smiley


Our texts in Term 1

Term 2: Horrible Histories


We are very excited about our new topic… ‘Horrible Histories.’  We are going to be learning about different eras of history such as the Jurassic Age, Bronze Age, Egyptian Era, Vikings, and Victorians! 


In English we are going to be focusing on Charles Dickens and his text 'A Christmas Carol.' We will be writing a biography on Charles Dickens, writing character descriptions and being introduced to verbs and adverbs. 


In Maths we are going to be focusing on addition and subtraction; specifically, number bonds to 20, comparing number sentences, bonds to 100, 10 more and 10 less, add and subtract tens, adding a 2 digit and a 1 digit number, subtracting a 2 digit from a 2 digit number and adding three single digit numbers.


In Science we are learning about 'Animals including humans' We will be noticing that animals have offspring that grow into adults, finding out the basic needs of animals and humans and describing the importance for humans to exercise and eat the right amounts of different food. 


In PSHE we will be discussing and learning about friendship and compliments, seeing another point of view, managing anger and working together. 


During PE we will be focused on dance and cardio. The children will take part in different activities to improve their fitness. In dance, the children will use a stimulus to create their own dance. 


We are very excited for this brilliant topic smiley

Term 2 Text

Term 3: Our Planet


Welcome to a New Year and a new term! Our new topic this term is 'Our Planet.' We are going to be focusing on learning the worlds continents and oceans, atlas skills and understanding how humans impact the global environment.


In English this term we are going to be focusing on two texts 'The Lorax' and 'The Great Kapok Tree' We are going to be focusing on fiction and non-fiction writing such as; descriptive writing about the rainforest, letter writing, persuasive writing and creating fact files. 


In Maths we are going to be focusing on addition and subtraction and money. We will be adding two 2 digit numbers, subtracting a 2 digit number from another 2 digit number, bonds to 100 and adding three 1 digit numbers. When learning about money we will be finding different combinations of coins that equal the same amount, recognise and use symbols for pounds and pence, combine amounts to make a particular value and solve simple problems.


We will be 'working scientifically' in Science taking part in a variety of different investigations. We will be asking questions, observing closely, identifying and classifying and recording data. 


In PE we will be focusing on dance where the children will show an understanding of mood and how the dance makes them feel. 


During our PSHE sessions our focus will be 'going for goals.'


We are very excited about our new topic smiley

Term 3 Texts


Term 4: Wild Weather


Welcome to Term 4 'Wild Weather.' The children are going to be building upon their knowledge of seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK, begin to understand the hot and cold areas of the world as well as developing locational knowledge and geographical skills.


In English, we are going to be focusing on the life and adventures of Ernest Shackleton.


In Maths we are going to be focusing on shape and multiplication and division. 


In Science we are going to be learning about plants and identifying different plants at home and in our school environment.


Our Topic sessions are going to be mostly Geography focused. Some of the children's learning opportunities will be; creating a wind streamer, creating a rain gauge and becoming weather reporters. 



Term 4: Wild Weather

Term 5 - Art Attack


We are all very excited about our new topic… Art Attack! We are going to be thinking about inspiring artists; Andy Warhol, Henry Moore, Salvador Dali and Zaha Hadid.


In English we will be looking at the texts The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas and The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. We will be creating wanted posters, writing poetry using similes and writing descriptively.


In Maths we will continue to focus on multiplication and division as well as addition and subtraction.


In Science we will be working scientifically, carrying out a variety of different experiments. 


In Topic we are going to be looking at four different artists; Henry Moore, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Zaha Hadid. We will be creating art work using a range of techniques.  



Term 5 English Texts

Term 5 Artists


Term 6 - Best of British

This term our Topic is 'Best of British', during topic sessions we will be:

  • Writing a letter to The Queen
  • Learning about traditional games
  • Looking at the history of British Kings and Queens
  • Focusing on ‘British Values’ in particular ‘Mutual Respect and Tolerance’ and ‘Individual Liberty’
  • We will be looking at the book ‘Coming to England’ by Floella Benjamin and the children will create a welcome pack for a new child coming to England.
  • The children will be looking at British inventions and guessing what they did and what they were called. They will then create their own invention.
  • Learning about British Olympians and Paralympians such as Max Whitlock, Dina Asher-Smith, Sir Mo Farrah, Ellie Simmonds and David Weir.


In English we will be focusing on Roald Dahl and using his texts; 'The BFG' and 'Revolting Rhymes'. The children will be writing a biography, poetry, as well as thinking about writing descriptively and creating their own fantasy story. Later in the term we will be researching The Olympics and British Athletes, the children will then create their own leaflet to show their  findings.


During our Maths sessions we will be focusing on shape and fraction. We will be recognising and finding a half, quarter, three quarters and a third as well as knowing the equivalence of 1/2 and 2/4.


In Science our focus will be on 'Materials', the children will be identifying and comparing the suitability of materials for particular uses. As well as finding how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. 


In PE our focus will be Multi-skills. The children will build their confidence with ball handling skills, show control and balance in basic movements, focus on spatial awareness and awareness of others. They will also think about making simple decisions about when and where to run as well as using different tactics and movements to suit different situations. 


Term 6 - English Texts

Take a look at our wonderful, calm yet inspiring classroom environments

Home Learning

Check out these links to websites and suggestions of things you can do at home.


Clicker is a popular Literacy support software which helps users of all ages and abilities to develop their reading and writing skills. Sentences and words are read back in a friendly, age appropriate voice that younger students can identify with, encouraging them to actively review and self-correct their work.
This links to a Parent portal, with lots of free speech and language resources, advice and tips for parents working at home with their children who have SLCN.
More speech and language activities and resources to support all children including those with SEND.
Maths of the Day is a useful website we use in school. We like it because it provides good ideas for learning Mathematical concepts in a fun and active way.
The RSPB provide a great range of outdoor learning activities for children and families. 
White Rose is a Maths resource that we use to inform our Maths planning in school. Currently they are offering free home schooling lessons and are updating their website weekly. 
Carol Vorderman's Maths website provides free daily sessions and interactive games. 
Here you can find lots of lovely interactive books to read online or watch with signing. 
Topmarks features a range of curriculum topics including English, Maths, Art, Science etc. 
Oxford Owl is a great website with a wide range of ideas for phonics and maths. Take a look at their free eBook library too, where you can find books matched to your child's book band with accompanying activities. 
This website provides lots of free phonics games to play.

ICT games provides lots of fun, interactive English and Maths activities. Maths activities are broken down into sections such as number, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and fractions- all of which will be great to focus on. 

Many of the English games are focused upon phonics, specifically high frequency words and tricky words. 

The Literacy Shed is a great website that provides inspirational pictures and videos to motivate writing. 
GoNoodle is a fantastic website that offers lots of free physical activities for children. There are different categories such as guided dances, relaxation and mindfulness.