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Sports Funding 2016-17

School Sports Premium for the Academic Year 2016/17 (£8,940)


Planned use of School Sports Premium for 2016/17

  • Developing Healthy Champions across Key Stage One to raise the profile of making healthy lifestyle choices.

  • CPD linked to OAA for all school staff.

  • Balanceability over 3 days for Reception.

  • One of the Take Pride team to work with the MDMS and Playleaders on a weekly basis to develop the range and quality of opportunities available at lunchtime, increasing participation in physical activities.

  • One of the Take Pride team to deliver taught sessions which are paired up with teachers and HLTAs to provide CPD in action. He will also attend PPA once a term for the year group he is working with to support planning.

The rest of the money will be used to:

  • Enhance the equipment across Early Years to ensure what is on offer is physically engaging and challenging, thus encouraging participation and challenging the current National concerns about obesity and inactivity in the Early Years.

  • Extend the options of resources on offer across the day to encourage physical activity at times such as before school.

  • Provide cover staff to release teachers for CPD in PE and Sport.



Impact of School Sports Premium for 2016/17

  • The Healthy Champions training and role out was effective. The children were much more aware of the amount of sugar in foods and drinks that they like. This was launched at the same time as sharing the Change for Life Sugar Swap leaflets, the parents were staggered by the quantity of sugar in Haribo, but mostly a McDonald’s milkshake!

  • Rob from Take Pride worked with our children and staff at lunchtimes, modelling effective zoning, setting up activities that children can do independently as well as role modelling getting active as soon as they are out of the hall.

  • The various CPD opportunities accessed through our Take Pride CIC package had a significant impact on increasing the confidence and subject knowledge for staff who reported:

  • “I hadn’t even thought of the simple but effective cross-curricular ways we can use the outdoor space, covering the curriculum whilst encouraging the children to be active and develop their collaborative skills. I am looking forward to using this in my lessons.”

  • “It was invaluable attending meetings with other PLTs from Swale”

  • “The courses I attended run by Take Pride were fantastic. I learned so much as Dance and Gym I am least confident doing, but teaching through the topic style, made me see how easy it is to apply the multiskills to anything I teach.”

  • “I would really like to be able to become qualified as a coach in sports to help me give the children the best teaching possible.”