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Chief Executive Officer

Mr D Whitehead


Hello.  My name is Mr Whitehead.  I am very proud to be the Chief Executive Officer of The Oaks Infant School. I have been a teacher for many years and I love my job! 

I support Liverpool Football club.  I enjoy listening to all sorts of music but my favourite group is The Beatles.  I also enjoy watching films, my favourite film at the moment is ‘Cars’.

I have two children Jack (aged 3), Mollie (aged 1) . They keep me very busy.

Please say hello to me when you see me around your school, I always enjoy finding out what you have been learning.





Miss L Wood


"I really love working at The Oaks and am immensely passionate about the education and well-being of our wonderful children. There is nothing better than coming to work every morning and seeing so many smiling faces! I am committed to ensuring every child who attends our school has the best educational experience and that their families are involved in this as much as possible. In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit and reading lots of books!"



Deputy Headteacher:

Mrs J Wynn


"Hi! I am really lucky as I get to work with all of the wonderful children in our school. I really enjoy seeing the children outside and learning through their exploration and play. When I am not at school I like to spend my time with family and friends, going out for walks and spending time at the beach."




Assistant Headteacher & Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs N Ivory


"Hi, I am Mrs Ivory and I am the school's Assistant Headteacher and SENCo. I love my job and I really enjoy working with children from different classes. My door is always open if parents or children need to come and speak to me!"




Class Teacher and Yr R Leader:

Mrs K O'Connor


"Hello! I am Mrs. O'Connor. I love working in Year R, and opening up our classrooms and outdoor areas for child-led freeflow learning gives me the chance to get to know all of the Year R children! I especially love being outside and visiting the woods on our welly walks. When I am at home, my three teenage sons keep me very busy. I also love reading, listening to music, and travelling!"





Class Teacher and Year 1 Leader:

Mrs L Saunders


"Hello, I’m Mrs Saunders – I love learning together with Goldfinch Class.  I particularly like sharing books at story time when we listen to new adventures!  When I’m not in school I enjoy making things, whether it’s cakes or cards!  At home I have three girls of my own who I help with homework, reading and even learning to talk!"


Class Teacher and Year 2 Leader:

Miss L Bore


"Hello! I’m Miss Bore and I teach in Woodpeckers Class. I really love teaching and especially enjoy sharing stories with the children in my class. I like teaching everything but particularly enjoy Literacy and Numeracy - especially if we can learn outside!

When I’m not in school I enjoy reading, cooking and travelling to new places and countries!" 




Class Teacher:

Miss C McCahon 


"Hello, I teach in Kingfishers class in Year 2.  I like teaching everything but especially lessons that involve going outside and using the school grounds.  I lead the Eco Team, to find out more see our Eco Team website page!


After school on Thursdays, I enjoy planting flowers, fruit and vegetable plants with the children in Green Team.


When I am not in school, I like gardening, reading and going for walks in the countryside or by the sea."



Class Teacher:

Miss D Frith


"Hi! I'm Miss Frith. Although I enjoy teaching most subjects, my ultimate favourite is Literacy. I am Mr Men crazy and have collected all of the books and toys since I was young. I studied Geography at University and I really enjoy travelling."



Class Teacher:

Miss J Byrne


"I teach Hummingbird Class in Year 2 and I love it! My favourite subject to teach is PE, especially team games. I also enjoy reading different Roald Dahl stories to the children, if I had to pick one in particular it would be George’s Marvellous Medicine. 

In my spare time I enjoy going on long walks with my son Finn and little puppy Bentley. I also play hockey for Gore Court most Saturdays, it is a lot of fun."




Class Teacher:

Mrs N Chapman

"Hello.  My name is Mrs Chapman and I am the teacher in Robins.
I love to see the children having fun and sharing ideas to help each other achieve. In my spare time I like to go to the beach with my family.  I also enjoy  taking my dog, Cleo, out for long walks in the countryside."

Class Teacher:

Mrs E Shaw


"Hello everyone!  I am Mrs Shaw and I teach in Year 2.  I enjoy teaching all of the fun lessons in school and especially love it when we get to go outside and learn.  When I'm not teaching I am kept very busy with my little boy Archer and baby girl Aubrey.  We enjoy going to the park, going for walks and shopping!"






Class Teacher:

Mrs S Seager


“Hello my name is Mrs Seager and I work in Wagtail Class on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  I love to teach Literacy and I especially enjoy sharing story books with my class.  When I’m not in school, I particularly like spending time with my own three children, Emily, Henry and Annie.  We like to go to the beach and enjoy collecting shells, jumping over waves and eating ice-cream!”


Class Teacher:

Mrs R Sumner


"When I am not teaching in Bumblebee Class I love spending time outside! I really enjoy packing a picnic and sitting in the sunshine reading a good book or going to the beach and paddling in the sea. Wednesday is my favourite day at school as it is Welly Walk day and I really enjoy exploring the woods with Bumblebee Class!"



Nursery Teacher:

Mrs K Argent


"Hi everyone!  I'm Mrs Argent and I teach in Ladybird class.

I love to have lots of fun with the children in the Ladybird's and make sure we laugh every day.

When I'm not at school I enjoy riding my horse, walking my dog then snuggling up on the sofa with my son and a hot chocolate... yummy!"


Class Teacher:

Miss K Miller


"Hello! I am Miss Miller and I teach in Butterfly Class. I love taking the children in my class on Welly Walks and reading them stories. When I am not at school I enjoy walking my two dogs Bruce and Lily in the woods."





Class Teacher:

Miss Jones


"Hello, I’m Miss Jones.  I teach in Bumblebees on Thursday and Friday, you might see me in Dragonflies class on a Wednesday morning sometimes too.  I love to sing songs and make creative things with the children in my class. Story time is my favourite time of the day!  When I’m not at school, I like to play and go for walks out to the park, with my little boy.  I also like to do a spot of baking."




Nursery Teacher:

Miss K Pike


"My name is Kate and I work in Ladybirds on a Thursday and Friday.

I am passionate about early years education and love playing, signing,

exploring outside and getting messy! I love getting to know you and your

family at the beginning of your learning journey.

When I am not having fun in Ladybirds I work at another school too.

In my own time I like to spend time with friends and family. I live by the sea so I also like to stroll along the beach in all weathers, especially if there is a mug of tea at the end of it!"



Class Teacher:

Mrs J Wakelen


"Hello! I am Mrs Wakelen and I teach in Dragonfly Class. I like reading stories and playing with the children, having lots of fun. I enjoy taking the children outdoors to explore our environment. When I am not at school I enjoy spending time with my three children and going on walks in the woods and to the beach. I love animals, especially Tigers!!"



SSLU Class Teacher:

Mrs S Scales


"At school I like reading stories.  At home I like walking my dog across the fields."





Nursery Nurse:

Mrs C Betts


"Hello everyone. I am Clare and I'm so lucky to spend every day in the Ladybirds Nursery Class playing with all of my fabulous friends.

I like being happy and having fun, exploring lots of new and exciting activities. I especially enjoy making bubbly, rainbow puddles with the boys and girls outside and splashing about in our wellies!!

At home I love being with my family and friends. I enjoy eating all things nice! I like going shopping and taking our dogs for long walks before curling up with our fleecy blankets to watch a funny film."


Nursery Nurse:

Miss J Nunn


"Hello, I am Joanne and I think Ladybirds Nursery class is fantastic. I really enjoy playing inside and outside, and I really love dancing and singing. I especially like sharing fun times and making each other laugh lots.

I have two dogs at my house; we have fun times together, especially when walking by the seaside. Henry and Ozzie always run into the sea and get VERY wet! They shake and make me very wet too...cheeky!"

Higher Level Teaching Assistant:

Mrs C Stoneham


"I have been working at The Oaks for a very long time. I enjoy working with groups of children in Numeracy and Phonics. At home I enjoy being with my grandchildren."



Higher Level Teaching Assistant:

Mrs S Risbridger


"Hello everyone! I really love working at The Oaks with all the children. I'm currently working as a Teaching Assistant, supporting Hummingbirds Class. I'm also Hummingbirds Midday Meal Supervisor.

When I am not at work I love spending time with my family and going for walks (when it's not raining!)."





Higher Level Teaching Assistant:

Miss H Eddicott


"I really enjoy working and playing in Reception. I especially love role play and getting messy! When I am not at school I enjoy taking my two big dogs for lots of walks and supporting my favourite football team!"













Teaching Assistant:

Mrs T Brown


"Hello everyone, I love working here with all of you, learning new things, dancing around and having fun.

When I am at home I spend my time looking after my two children. We love going on bike rides and competing on the Wii to see who is the best dancer (me of course!). "



Teaching Assistant:

Mrs K Vigeon


"Hello my name is Mrs Vigeon and I work in Butterflies.

I enjoy our ChilL sessions, playing with the children and time outside jumping in the puddles.

When I'm at home I enjoy spending time with my two boys cycling, swimming and watching films."





Teaching Assistant:

Miss L Walker


"I like going on Welly Walks at school and doing 5-a-day exercises! At home I like walking and spending time with my son."



Teaching Assistant:

Mrs S Noble


Hello my name is Mrs Noble and I work in Hummingbird Class.

I love anything to do with Art.  I especially love helping make the role play area and seeing the children having fun using it.




Teaching Assistant:

Mrs L Brown


"Hi, I'm Mrs Brown. I really enjoy being a Teaching Assistant in Dragonfly Class. My favourite activity is 'ChiLL', especially when the children invite me to join in their games, it's lots of fun!

Outside of school I'm very busy looking after my two children and our dog called Boris. We love spending time walking and going to the park."




Teaching Assistant:

Mrs V Van-Den-Broek


"Hello my name is Mrs Van-Den-Broek and I work in Dragonflies class.  I really enjoy coming into school everyday and seeing the lovely children.

When I'm not at school I enjoy spending time with my family, visiting new places, especially in France!  Also walking our 2 dogs and cooking and baking delicious cakes!"




Teaching Assistant:

Miss K Buddle


"Hi I’m Miss Buddle and I work in Butterfly Class.

I love seeing the children’s bright smiley faces and listening to their interesting stories.  I enjoy P.E. days and Welly Walks.

When not in school I am with my 2 children and our dog.  We enjoy going out on our bikes or having great fun at the beach, but we do love the odd pyjama day watching films usually when it’s raining."





Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Walsom


Hi, my name is Mrs Walsom.  I work in Wagtails class and I really enjoy the welly walk and 5 a day, I'm still learning these!
When I'm not at school I enjoy spending time with my family, going on long walks and baking cakes.



Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Prince

Hello, my name is Mrs Prince, I joined Bumblebees class in January 2016. I am passionate about children's early years of learning and enjoy helping them explore and play in their school learning environments.  I enjoy spending time with my family and our dog Toby and baking delicious treats such as cakes and biscuits.


Teaching Assistant:

Mrs A Blackmore


"Hello! I'm Mrs Blackmore in Bumblebees. I love our PE days, our Welly Walks and '5-a-day', although I need a bit more practice at street dance!

At home, I spend lots of time in the park with my family and our dog Summer, even when it's raining!"



Teaching Assistant:

Miss L Adcock


Hello!  My name is Miss Adcock and I work in Robins Class in year 1.

I love literacy especially the story books.  When I am not at school I love baking cakes, reading and going on holiday.......oh and buying nice shoes!!



Teaching Assistant:

Mrs J Townsend-Blazier


"My name is Mrs Townsend-Blazier. I have been at the school for over twenty years. I love working with the children and this year I am in Year 1, Wagtails Class, which is great.

I have been married for over thirty years and have two sons. We have recently become grandparents, so this has given us a new lease of life. Keeping us very busy and poor! But it is fantastic."



Teaching Assistant:

Mrs L Woods


Hello! I am Mrs Woods and I work in Robins class which I thoroughly enjoy.

When I am not at school I love spending time with my family and running!




Teaching Assistant:

Mrs L Stoneham


"Hello, my name is Miss Stoneham..."




Teaching Assistant:

Mrs M Smith


"Hello, I am Mrs Smith and I enjoy coming to school every day.

I love cooking, reading and watching most sports. I especially like going to Arsenal Football Club with my family."





Teaching Assistant:

Mrs L McLachlan


"Hi, I am Mrs McLachlan and I work in Woodpecker Class. I particularly enjoy our Numeracy lessons.

When I am not at school I enjoy spending time with my family and walking with our two dogs. I also love baking cakes!"



Teaching Assistant:

Mrs S Mannering-Green


"Hi, I'm Mrs Mannering-Green! I love working at The Oaks school and all of the children are amazing. I really enjoy playing all of the fun activities with the children and learning about our different topics. Outside of school I love spending time with my family and going to the park with my two sons."



Teaching Assistant:

Mrs T Woodcock


Hi, I'm Mrs Woodcock and I work as a Teaching Assistant and a Midday Supervisor at The Oaks.  I love working at the school with the children and the staff, we always have lots of fun.

When I am not at school I enjoy family time with my husband and 2 children, we enjoy going on bike rides and camping.




Speech and Language

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs E Sutehall


"Hi, my name is Mrs Sutehall and I love working at The Oaks school, helping all the amazing children with their speech and language.  When I'm not at school I enjoy Karate, singing and being with my two boys."




Reading Recovery Teacher

Mrs J Robertson





Numbers Count Teacher

Mrs L Knowlton


Hi. My name is Mrs Knowlton and I'm the Numbers Count Teacher. I love working with the children to improve their maths skills. I have a small area in the library and we learn maths in a very fun and creative way. When I'm not thinking of ideas for Numbers Count, I love to spend time with my family and friends and I help out at the local church. As well as loving maths, I also love languages and I play the piano.


Swale Speech and Language Unit:

Mrs Dickens


"At school I like signing and number work.  At home I like painting pottery and gardening."




Swale Speech and Language Unit:

Mrs K Pope







SSLU Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Burden


SSLU Teaching Assistant

Ms A Donkin


SSLU Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Webster



Violin Teacher

Miss Joley Butcher


Although I am new to teaching at the Oaks, I really love working here! I'm passionate about teaching the violin and love watching others learn! In my spare time I love listening to music and reading and playing concerts especially at christmas!'



Office Manager

Mrs S Bingham


I have worked at The Oaks for nearly 25 years.  My three children all attended here and enjoyed coming to school.  It's lovely to see parents who once came here bringing their own children here now - and yes, I do recognise you!


I love working at The Oaks and seeing so many happy children.  I deal mainly with the finances and Personnel aspects of the school, but all the office staff work as a team.


When I'm not at school I enjoy reading, watching sport and spending time with my lovely family.

Attendance Officer

Mrs A Adcock


"Hello! My name is Mrs Adcock and I work in the school office. I mainly deal with the attendance but also help out with the other office duties!  I love my job and it's lovely to see the children's smiley faces with they come to the office to drop off letters or ask for Post it notes!


When I'm not at work, I love spending time with my family and going for long walks with our two dogs."




Administrative Assistant

Mrs C Holmes


"I have worked in The Oaks school office for a long, long time. I enjoy what I do, especially seeing children in the supermarket who are surprised to see me out of school! It is also lovely to see children who used to attend The Oaks coming back to us for work experience.

I have two grown-up children who both came to The Oaks. I very much enjoyed being part of the PTA and found it very rewarding.

At home I enjoy doing things with my husband, looking after my dog and having mini-breaks."



Site Manager

Mr R Terry


My job is to make the school a safe place for all the children and staff.  There are many challenges and lots of fun in all that I do.


I love being able to share in the children's excitement as they move through from being little ones just starting out and then leaving us as BIG boys and girls.


When I am not here I love being at home with my wife and dog Jasper, we enjoy camping during the summer and meeting family.


I love helping people who are poorly, with my hobby as a St John Ambulance driver.





IT Technician

Mr A Waters


I really enjoy working at the Oaks school.  I'm here to make sure everything is working just right and to help the teachers with anything IT related in their classrooms.


In my spare time I look after a very buzzy hive of honey bees!  I help keep them organised so they can pollinate lots of plants and collect a tasty crop of honey.





Midday Supervisors:

Miss Eddicott, Mrs Forder, Mrs Townsend-Blazier,  Mrs Woodcock,  Mrs O'Sullivan, Mrs Scott, Mrs Herbert, Miss Slingsby, Miss McCloy, Mrs Vann- Scott, Mrs Hayre, Mrs Chung-Yates, Miss Walker, Mrs Lyall, Mrs Styles, Mrs Green and Mrs Van-de-Peer.