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School Council

We have a very important job to do. We have been elected by our classmates to represent them during regular meetings with Miss Frith. During these meetings we discuss what is great about our school and how we can make it even better. We often have to take ideas back to our classes and discuss them, to then feedback and decide upon an agreed action.

Recently, we have talked about how we can improve our school playground and behaviour at playtimes and lunchtimes. After talking through what we think we need to improve, Miss Wood suggested a 'Playground Buddy' approach. This led to us, along with four additional children, being trained by Eileen from Project Salus on how to be effective mentors. This includes understanding how to build self-esteem, how to resolve conflict using the Restorative Justice approach and knowing when to ask an adult for help. We also decided we needed the school rules out on the playground to help remind the children as well as a Buddy Bench for children to use when they need us to help them find a friend.

At the moment, we are looking into improving the playground markings and we have had a class vote on our favourites. We are excited to see our chosen designs on the playground soon!

    We will keep you informed of our new projects, initiatives and developments!    

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