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Year 1 Topics

Remembrance Sunday

The children in Year 1 having been thinking  about the importance of Remembrance Sunday. They learnt that the First World War ended at 11 in the morning on the 11th November in 1918 and that every year afterwards we have remembered all the people who fought and died for Britain in all wars. They discussed why we  are wearing poppies this week and the ceremonies that will be taking place on Sunday.
After they made their own poppies and wrote thank you messages on them. In the afternoon they took their poppies to the woods and planted them.
Maybe they can tell you about the importance of the two minute silence or about the instrument they listened to?


Term 3

'Brilliant Buildings'

This terms Topic is 'Brilliant Buildings' and the children are enjoying learning about the brilliant building around the world in addition to, those in their local environment. They have been looking at the 2D and 3D shapes they can see in the buildings and the suitability of the materials used in their construction.


During DT they designed their own homes thinking about what materials and resources they might need. They then got to work constructing, adapting and evaluating their plans as they worked.


They have also been learning about gargoyles and churches. They have made stained glass windows and thought about whether the materials used are translucent, transparent and opaque. In addition to, designing their very own grotesque gargoyle with clay.

Term 5

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This Term our role play areas will become gardens. We will be reading lots of stories, poems and information about growing fruit and vegetables. We will also be classifying, sorting and tasting fruit and vegetables and finding out about the best conditions for growth.



During term 5 we will be investigating what plants need to grow and think about what plants give us.  What would it be like without plants?  We are lucky at The Oaks to be surrounded by plants from tiny blades of grass to the huge oak trees giving us shade in the blazing sun.  There are some plants we eat - what's your favourite?  Have you every eaten the plants below?


We ended the term with an amazing  trip to The Horniman Museum in London. We found the Natural History Gallery very interesting and enjoyed learning about the different animals and their skeletons. Whilst The World Gallery was full of vibrancy and colour .We gained a glimpse into other ways of life and a greater understanding of other peoples, places and cultures.

We explored our creative side in the Music Gallery playing lots of musical instruments and indulged our senses in The Lore of The Land exhibit. We ended our day with a visit to see the animals and look at the London skyline.