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Science Week

On Monday 24th June we had Science Week!


This week we were very lucky to have Sphere Science in to help us learn lots about science.

During the week all the year groups experienced 5 simple investigations into forces, balancing, magnetism and the effects of gravity.

  • We made a clown balance on a tight rope by adding weights.
  • We investigated different strength magnets to see which was the best. We put a magnet underneath a piece of card with a maze drawn on it. We then put a pipe cleaner on top of the card and when we moved the magnet the pipe cleaner move where we wanted it to go.
  • We made a slide for our marble to roll down and had to experiment with moving the container at the bottom of the slide to get the marble in it.
  • We investigated force and fired rockets by squeezing the air out of the container.
  • Finally, we investigated how we could apply force to a spinner to make a pattern on paper. The more force we used the bigger the pattern was.


These workshops inspired us to investigate further and we decided to think of our own experiments.


Reception classes made paper planes and parachutes. We thought about the materials we used and why they would made a good parachute or paper plane. We tested what we made by measuring how far the planes went and how many seconds it took the parachutes to hit the floor. We thought carefully about how we could make our experiments fair. We had to drop the parachutes from the same height and throw the paper planes from the same starting spot.


Ambers’ parachute took the longest to hit the floor …5 seconds!

After we tested our creations we thought about how we could make them even better.


Year 1 have been investigating how plants grow and whether all plants have the same parts. They learned why all the parts of a plant are important.

Year 2 have been experimenting with force and circuits. They put a knot in the lead to see if the light bulb would still light up. They made predictions then tested to see if they were correct. They also made ramps out of different materials and experimented to see which would help the car go down fastest and which would slow it down. They saw which the best was by measuring how far it went.


Our Science work is proudly displayed in the hall.

Here are some photographs to show what we have been doing.