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Autumn 1

Week 1 - Welcome to our Ladybirds!


This week we have been settling into our new Ladybirds classroom. We have been learning how to make new friends and play with each other; singing songs, making ‘apple pies’ as well some play dough sausages too! We have all been so brave and have been exploring our inside and outside environments more and more each day, learning where things belong and how to look after them. What a great start Ladybirds!

Week 2 - Settling in


This week we have been settling in and exploring our resources. We have experimented with instruments and used these to perform songs together. Our bugs and mini beasts have provided counting opportunities and encouraged us to talk about the insects we know.  We saw a real spider outside and were fascinated by the way it moved and watched as it spun it's web. Some of us built a web for our toy spiders inside. Whilst others pretended to hide from a giant spider and then worked together to build a bridge to protect ourselves. Lots of us have enjoyed making marks; drawing our families, comparing our shoe sizes and recording our scores during a game of skittles. We enjoyed feeling the slippery texture of shaving foam during some messy mark making too! We finished the week working together as balancers, builders and dinosaur explorers.

Week 3 - Making our mark


This week we have been getting creative whilst exploring marks, colours, patterns and textures; using glue, paint, sand and even a huge puddle! We have had a few birthdays this week too. We shared our special times with each other and enjoyed role-playing our own parties. Some of us recalled our experiences by ‘baking’ using play dough and arranging cotton reels to create a cake. Others even set up a shop outside and pretended to buy and sell items with each other. Well done!

Week 4 - Building on our learning


This week we have been enjoying more opportunities to mark make, draw and write. We have been signing our names for snack, drawing our families and playing with squidgy shaving foam both inside and out. Mr Whiskers paid us a visit today and we gave him some of his carrots and counted how many he had. Some of us continued to practice our counting using natural objects in the environment, as well as making marks in play dough. We used our team work skills to create some wonderful structures this week. Then finished the week off with a fire fighter theme. Ladybirds to the rescue!