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Art Club - Year 1

Welcome to our Art Club page!


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We are very excited to be running our KS1 Art club again this academic year, in term 3 for Year 2 and term 4 for Year 1. Following the success of last years 'child led' approach we plan to provide children with the opportunity to explore and develop their own ideas and fascinations through a range of media and techniques.
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Year 1 Art Club - Mrs Argent and Mrs Vigeon


In Year 1's Art Club children will get the chance to choose from three 'artist's stations'. These are:

Station 1 - Drawing

Station 2 - Paint and Print

Station 3 - Sculpture and Collage 


These stations will be available every week so children can return to and develop their work from the week before, or try something new, it's their choice! We will also carefully observe and adapt these stations to tailor the resources to the children's interests and really allow them to explore and develop their own ideas.

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If you have a budding artist in KS1 or your child just wants to come and have a go then please sign up!


We cannot wait to see you there!



Art Club 2018

Term 4 - Year 1

Week 2


Well we missed our first week of Art Club due to the snow, however this inspired some work as the children entered this week. The children came in with enthusiasm and wasted no time exploring all three 'artist stations'. We had clay models made, card sculptures started and prints from paint taken! It was great to see how independently the children were working and exploring their own interests and ideas. Roll on next week!

Week 3


The children got stuck in for another week at Art club. They enjoyed mixing their own paint at our Paint Bar and explored colour and shade. Others began clay models and used pasta to enhance their ideas. Our drawing and collage areas were very busy, with the start of rockets and cupcakes! The tops of the rockets were proving a little tricky, so the children were shown how to make cones from a circle. Another great week!

Week 4


This week had a bit of a space theme! Aliens and rockets were created from our collage and junk modelling materials. Some of the children painted their clay creations from last week which involved Easter chicks as well as abstract pasta pieces. More were made in the way of 'bunny bowls' and even a 'hot dog'! We loved how focussed the children were as they really began to explore their ideas! Well done Year One!

Week 5


Our last week of Art Club has come round so quickly! Sadly we only had half of our group attend. Still, they wasted no time in adding the finishing touches of colour to their clay models and made the most of our collage materials through super hero models, flowers and a Peter Rabbit inspired work.



What a great term it has been Year One! Thank you for being an amazingly creative club!


Enjoy your Easter break!

Previous Art Clubs

Year 2 Art Club


Summer Term 2016


'Secret Garden' Commission Project


This term, we are excited to announce that Year 2 Art Club has been commissioned to produce a collaborative art piece for the 'Secret Garden'. Inspired by nature and the professional works of Andy Goldsworthy, the children will be creating both group and individual art works. We cannot wait to get started!




Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Summer Term - Week 1: Decorating Branches


What a fabulous start to our Art club this term! The children were very excited about our commission project and were bursting with ideas. This week we made a start on our collaborative branches, which we will use to form a 'tepee gallery' within which to display smaller individual pieces. Please have a look through the photos to see how we used each artist station to decorate the branches.

Week 2: Continuing the commission project


The children came straight in and got stuck into their ideas. We continued designing and decorating larger branches, as well as beginning smaller individual pieces. We even took some prints and photos from the splatters of paint left on the Paint and Print station! Sadly one of our cameras stopped working so we are unable to put all of the pictures up this week. Here is a taster, more will follow ...

The extra pictures have finally been uploaded!

Week 3: Leaf Prints!

This week we wanted the children to focus more on their individual pieces. So inspired by last weeks table printing, we brought some of the outside in by collecting these and using them to print with. We also used clay for the first time. The children enjoyed practising how to create shape and texture using the tools and even a pinecone!

Weeks 4 and 5 - Completing the work

These last two weeks have been very busy as we have been finishing off and tying all our pieces together to create our final collaborative work. The children have laminated their leaf prints, which have been displayed hanging from branches; the decorative branches for our Teepee have been erected, and everyone has placed a piece of individual sculpture within it.

The children have been fantastic this term and a real joy to work with.

Well done everybody and keep up the creativity!

Year 1 Art Club 


Spring term 2016 - Week 1


The children enjoyed designing and making their own Art Portfolios for their first week. Well done everyone!

Week 2 - Artist stations are open!


This week was the first week we opened our artist stations fully. We had drawing inspired by fresh flowers; collage courtesy of the lovely craft resources donated by parents; and the children loved mixing their own paint at the Paint Bar. Next week we also plan to investigate sculpture using clay.



Week 3 - Playing with clay!


This was the first week we were able to open up our clay element of our 'sculpture station'. The children loved experimenting with the tools to create their own models. We hope to paint these next week.

The children also enjoyed continuing to develop their ideas through paint, drawing and collage. We have been given instructions to provide buttons, cardboard and magazines for collaging next week .

We better get collecting Mrs Vigeon!


Week 4 - Getting stuck in!


All artist stations are up and running now and this week the children really got stuck into their ideas. From handprints to 'butterfly' pictures; making new clay models and painting those that were dry; construction with lolly sticks and collage with real life images, all the children were so focussed. We are really proud of their engagement and effort. Well done all our little artists!

Week 5 - Our last week


This week Year One's Art Club sadly came to an end.

The children enjoyed putting the finishing touches to their models; splattering paint in the style of Jackson Pollock, but also inspired by some of the Butterfly pictures from last week; and we even had some 'scribble pictures'.

We would like to say a huge well done to all those children who came this term, it was a pleasure to see you all each week and watch your creativity grow!