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Week 4

This week Ladybird class will continuing with our theme Spring and New Beginnings. We will be looking at changes in our environment and will go on a changes walk to find new buds, blossom and look to see if the leaves on the trees are growing.


Our tadpoles are growing fast and we will continue to monitor the changes they make whilst learning about caring for living creatures. Alongside this we are also learning about the lifecycle of the butterfly and will be looking at the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


We have a garden centre in our role play area and hope to be planting sunflower seeds, so we can observe how plants grow and watch to see how tall they grow. We would love parents to talk to the children about the natural world and encourage children to be observant and aware of changes that happen with the seasons. Please continue to help your children break down words using phonics and become aware of print all around them. Also continue to use number and see numerals in their environment.