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Week 3

This week we are going on a trip to France. We will be looking at different ways to travel to France and will introduce the travel agents in the role play area. We will be extending language skills with words like destination, Euro, invoice and availability.

We will look at the French flag, patterns and colours and make some bunting. We will look at the different language and try to learn how to count one to five in French. We will learn how to say hello and goodbye together with other words for animals and some foods.

Snack time will be a time to introduce the children to French stick, Brioche and Croissants, continuing their self-help skills by spreading butter and jam.

Suitcases will be available for the children to play with and think about what they might need for their holiday, including making passports and suitcases to take home.

At home you could count with your child in French or find pictures of places in France to stick into their books or bring into nursery.