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Week 2

Week two - England


Ladybird Class will be talking about where we live and using the globe to find where England is located. We will be talking about London predominantly, what famous buildings we can find in London and how we might travel to London. We will talk about Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Palace guards, The Shard, The Underground and the River Thames.


We will develop and extend our speech and vocabulary learning new words and having lots of opportunity for discussion and to share our knowledge and experiences in small and large group play.


We will make London buses with the junk boxes and use larger boxes as different forms of transport, such as buses, boats and trains for us to sit in and learn to play cooperatively. We will talk about moving in different ways and develop our large physical skills outside using the sit and ride toys and tricycles.


We will have stories related to London and continue to look at rhyming words and introduce alliteration to support our literacy skills.


We will continue to develop our number recognition through play, talking about catching the correct number bus, using number for counting and looking at shapes in our environment.