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Week 2

This week we are finalising our topic on growth, change and new beginnings. We are lucky to be able to watch our frogspawn turn into tadpoles, froglets and finally, very tiny frogs. This is a very popular pass time spotting the frogs on the weed and as they are swimming.


We will be observing how tall our sunflowers are growing and talking about what they need to grow such as sunlight and water. Alongside this children will be asked to bring in photographs of themselves as babies and toddlers so they can look at how they have grown. These will be made into booklets and displayed in the classroom.


Finally, we are beginning to talk about transition to big school and what this means. Please talk to your child about this exciting stage in their learning and development to help them to feel confident about moving forwards. Parents will be attending the meeting and looking round the school on Thursday 18th June.