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Week 1

Welcome back to all you Ladybirds.


Our new topic is Springtime and New Beginnings. We start the term by creating a large Springtime Display introducing us to the changes that happen during Springtime. We will look at plants, animals, trees and flowers.


We will use a range of resources to support our knowledge and observational skills to look at similarities and differences in animals and plants. The outside area will continue to be developed with words, pictures and hopefully some new resources such as a static chalkboard. We also hope to have some new digging areas containing a range of mediums such as sand, shingle and peat.


We will be planting cress and beans to watch what happens and will develop our mathematical skills in shape, space and measure as we begin to distinguish small, medium and tall, learn some 3D shape names and continue to use numbers in practical activities. We will continue with developing our skills in rhyming, alliteration and listening to initial letter sounds in words.


Parents please take your children on listening walks encouraging them to hear different sounds and to talk about what they can hear. Encourage them to look at the environment and spot any changes such as blossom on the trees or new shoots appearing.