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Term 5 - On the Farm

This term the children will be exploring and learning about Springtime and new life.

They have been planting Sunflower and Broad Bean seeds and are looking forward to watching then grow.

They have also been observing the changes that tadpoles and caterpillars undertake and learning about the life cycle of frogs and butterflies in the classroom.


Down on the farm.

Butterfly Class really enjoyed a visit from the Mobile Farm Experience .They had lots of fun petting the animals and learning all about how to care for them. They met Liquorice and Allsorts the 6 month old calves and Daffodil and Daisy the 10 year old Nanny goats. The children learnt that baby goats are called kids and that the Daddy goats are called Billy Goats. They thought it was very funny to learn that Billy Goats wee on their beards!
They got top stroke Peter and Benjamin the 5 week old lambs and to touch the chickens combs.
Finally they met Bob and Stewart who are named after The Minions! They learnt why pigs like to roll in mud baths and what they use their noses for.

Such a great day. Maybe they can tell you some more of the facts they learnt?