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Term 5

How does your garden grow?

Our role play has become a fruit and veg shop.

Our role play has become a fruit and veg shop. 1

We are enjoying weighing the fruit, sharing with friends, writing the labels with prices and even cutting it up!  Watch out some children charge hundreds of pounds for a cabbage.

This term is all about growing in every way!  Plants, seeds, soil everywhere!  We already know the basics of what plants need so we will investigate what happens if they don't get what they need and begin to name some common plants.  Are you growing anything at home?  Take a photograph and share it with us -

Let's grow together!


Can you name these plants below...


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Are all these plants really the same size?  Which would be the tallest?  Which is the shortest?  Which is your favourite and why?
Picture 1

There are so many plants, we've had some lovely drawings of flowers.

Flowers are not the only kind of plants.  Only 7 children in Goldfinches thought a carrot was a plant!  This is something we will look at during this term.