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Term 5

Welcome to Term 5.

Spring is finally here with new flowers starting to bloom, baby animals being born and blossom growing on the trees. Ladybird class will continue to monitor our sunflowers and beans to see how tall they grow. In addition to watching our tadpoles as they grow into froglets and then frogs.


Our topic for this term is 'People who help us'.

We will take a different service each week and help the children to learn about each emergency service and its role.


Week one we will start by looking at the Fire Service and how they help us. Our role-play will become our 'Ladybird's Fire Engine' and children will be able to play cooperatively as the 'crew'whilst extending their knowledge and understanding about the importance of this specialist service.


Week two we will look at the Police service and how the police have many roles. We will dress up as police men and women and act out the various roles from playing detectives to directing traffic to ensuring their peers are following nursery rules and regulations. Lots of maths skills and literacy skills will be encouraged to support our role play.


Week three will look at the Ambulance Service and how they look after people. Children will learn lots of new vocabulary and learn the important emergency telephone number. We will be talking a lot about caring for each other and being kind to promote personal, social and emotional development.

We will continue to work on our numbers for maths and our literacy skills looking at letters and sounds with rhyming and alliteration.


At home please encourage your children to be aware of the changes happening in the natural environment. We welcome any feedback from home about your child's development and progress. If your child has any toys, books or pictures they would like to bring into nursery regarding our topic we would be very pleased to share them.

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