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Term 5 -

This term the children will be learning about growth and change .

They will  be learning about how they are changing and growing. Everyday getting 'Bigger, Taller, Stronger'.

In addition to, looking at the changes in the environment during Spring and then through into Summer.

They will be having a visit from 'The Mobile Farm Experience ' and are looking forward to learning about how to care for the farm animals and what they need to grow.

Find out more about the farm experience by clicking on the link below:


The Mobile Farm Experience

What an exciting day!
The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit from the mobile farm. They made some new friends and learnt about how to care and look after the farm animals. In addition to, developing their understanding of what we use the animals for in our daily lives.
They got to stroke 'Orio and Cookie', the two hens and learnt that they only lay 1 egg a day . They also held their their chicks. Did you know that the hens have to sit on their eggs for 3 weeks? Keeping them nice and warm so until they hatch.
Then they learnt about 'Gertie' the Nanny goat and got to stroke her 10 day old kid called 'Hersey'. The farmer told them all about the Billy Goats and that they are very smelly. Did you know they wee on their beards?
The were particularly fond of the two orphaned lambs 'Flopsy and Mopsy'. They had such lovely soft woolly coats and loved a good stroke!
They discovered that pigs can have eight to twenty piglets in each pregnancy and enjoy using their snouts to dig for grubs and worms.

The children were so well behaved around the animals and we were very impressed with how they approached the animals.


Look at our photo's of when the children met the animals: