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Term 4

Our new topic is Chocolate !



In Literacy we will be writing an explanation text about how chocolate is made. We will also be using persuasive language to write an advert for a chocolate bar and, writing a poem about chocolate and other food.

Later in the term we will be researching a significant author and writing a story.



In Science we will be investigating how materials are changed by processes including squashing, bending, stretching, heating and cooling. We are looking forward to making bread, jelly, ice lollies and chocolate cakes !

In Geography we will be focusing on the journey of chocolate from where it is grown to our shops. We will be revising the names of the continents and, using maps and globes.


Chocolate Challenge

In the last two weeks of term  we will be working in teams to design and make our own chocolate cakes and biscuits !


Teacher of the Week

Each week we will choose one child to prepare a short presentation about something they would like to teach the class about. There will be a special 'teacher of the week' session each Friday afternoon . Past topics have included counting in a foreign language, origami and facts about a favourite country, famous person or hobby.

This term's learning ...