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Term 4

Term 4

Our topic is...

Brilliant Buildings!


Science plays a strong part in this topic, we will be investigating materials and using our knowledge to plan, make an evaluate various 'products'.


Again in class we have a linked role play area which children access to support their extension and use of vocabulary and have opportunities to write.  Children are always excited about role play and what resources they can contribute.


We will be considering how and why Easter is celebrated towards the end of term too.

Thank you to all who attended parent / teacher consultations.  It's always nice to meet properly instead of briefly on the playground!  Also it was great to see many parents during 'Parents in Class' afternoon.  We are fully aware that due to the 'inconvenience' of work not everyone is able to come and I always make sure the children know just how disappointed  you feel and would much rather be with them than at work.