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Term 3 - Toys and Us

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We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

We are excited to get started on this term's topic ' Toys and Us'. The children will be exploring old and new toys, reading toy stories, making toys and finding out about how they work. They will also have lots of writing and creative opportunities throughout the term.


Mrs. O'Connor is really looking forward to joining the Butterflies staff team, and will be working alongside Mrs. Argent to plan lots of exciting activities and learning for your children.


Picture 1

"My favourite toy was My Little Ponies. You all know how much I love my horses!"  Mrs. Argent


"I used to love playing with my Girls' World and experimenting with different hairstyles!"  Mrs. Blackmore


"One of my favourite games was to make cars for my Barbie dolls to drive in."  Mrs. Vigeon


"Me and my brother had loads of toy cars which we used to drive everywhere. I especially remember making mud tracks and hills for them to drive down!"  Mrs. O'Connor



What is your favourite toy? What was Mummy or Daddy's favourite toy? How about Nannie and Grandad?! Are your favourite toys different or the same? We would love to see some photos of your favourite toys and hear your conversations about them on Tapestry.