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Term 3

Quick! Who Can Help?

This topic has come from the exciting role play many of the children were doing before the Christmas holiday. We have started by asking the children about different people they can think of that help them. They thought of lots of people, including those from emergency services. Butterflies have chosen to focus on the Fire Service and have been very excitedly creating the role play area!

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Picture 2
Picture 3

They have also made books about the important work the Fire Service do including the equipment that they use.

We are hoping to visit the fire station in Sittingbourne and to have visits from the Police and an Ambulance. We are also going to have a morning when parents and family members are going to come in to tell us about their jobs so we can find out how they help others too.

Come back to our page very soon so you can see our mind maps, role play area and lots of other exciting things that we have doing too!



We are very excited that Take Pride CIC are going to be working with our children, delivering four Balanceability sessions this term. The programme works on developing their agility, balance and co-ordination whilst using balance bikes. Pop back soon to see photos of the children in action.

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