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Term 3

This term has a Geography and Design Technology focus.  Our topic is called,


It is going to be very exciting...We will be designing, making and evaluating buildings.  We will be locating buildings in the locality and in cities around the world.  We will be learning about how shapes are incorporated into designs.  There will be a chance for us to build a wall and make a stained glass window.

We are going to have a super hero focus so remember to bring your super powers to school!




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Can you name the countries within the UK?

Where in the world have you been?

Perhaps you could bring a picture into school and find it on a map?





We dressed up as a superhero and used our special powers to design a super lair where we would live.  We thought of some brilliant buildings with slopes and landing platforms.  We then added super accessories to our costumes.  We made up a superhero song and paraded our costumes to the other Year One classes.  It was super fantastic!