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Term 2

Our topic at the beginning of this term was Amazing Me!

We have loved getting to know all about the children.

Here are some of the fun activities we have been doing!



  • Self-portrait paintings, thinking carefully about all our features.

  • Decorating a photo frame of our family

  • ‘Guess who I am?’ zigzag books. The children loved making these books and we talked about what we were like as a baby, toddler and now!


We are now following the children’s interests and they want to learn all about farms!

We made a wonderful discovery in the woods and found an enormous spotted egg! We have read the story ‘The cow that laid an egg’ by Andy Cutbill. Bumblebee class were very excited and predicted what they thought might be in the egg.

Amy said “a tiger!”

Harry said “a dinosaur!”

And Owen thought “a cow, because it has cow spots!”


Check back soon for more exciting updates!