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Term 2

Term - 2 Celebrations


This term we are going to be learning the story of the Bonfire Plot.

We are going to investigate reversible and non-reversible changes to food in Science.  We are going to think about how we celebrate events in our own lives.  Leading up to 'Children in Need' day we are going to be celebrating acts of kindness.  There is so much to look forward to!  We will also be learning and rehearsing songs and dances for our Christmas celebration.  It is going to be a very exciting term. :)


In Topic we are going to be locating the countries of the United Kingdom.  Then we are going to be learning about life in Norway and Russia and locating these countries on maps and globes.
We commemorated Poppy Day by reading 'Where the Poppies Grow' by Hilary Robinson and making our own poppies.  We wrote a message to the soldiers and attached it to the poppy.  In the afternoon we went out to the woods and laid the poppies around an oak tree.  We stood for a moment and pondered on how fortunate we are to live in peaceful times in England and how brave and frightened the soldiers and their families must have felt.
This week Year One have been celebrating acts of kindness.  We have talked a lot about how being kind makes us and the recipient of our kindness feel.  We have enjoyed planning a kindness party in our role play area and filling up each others buckets of kindness in topic time.