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Term 2

Bouncy Castle Fun!

Remembrance Day Poppies

Term 2 'Fire, fire'


We had a great start to term 2 because we got an afternoon on the bouncy castle for being the best attending class of term 1. We are very proud of ourselves and hope we can do it again!


We are really excited about our new topic this term, 'Fire fire!' This topic has a large history focus and we are going to be learning about The Great Fire of London, Guy Fawkes and World War 1. Our role-play has changed into a fire engine and our writing area is the fire station!

In Literacy, we are going to be creating our own fireworks poems, writing a diary entry and writing lots about The Great Fire of London. In our Numeracy lessons we are going to be learning about multiplication and division, shape, fractions and time as well as practising all the skills we focused upon last term. Our Science lessons are going to have a big focus upon materials and their properties.

Then of course we have the Christmas performance to prepare for which we are very excited about.

It is going to be a busy, fun and exciting term! We will be updating our page with photographs, examples of work and lots more! frown


A little challenge...


What do you already know about The Great Fire of London?

Or... what would you like to know? Come into school with your ideas and questions! smiley