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Term 2

This term we are learning about different 'Celebrations' and have started with  Bonfire Night.  The children will also be learning about Divalli and Remembrance Day. Building up to the Christmas festival, the children will be rehearsing for the Unit's Nativity Play, so keep a watch out for the performance date!

We will be learning about people who help us in the community, such as, postman, doctor or fireperson. Of course if there are any family members who work in the community and feel brave enough to come and talk to Blackbirds, you would be most welcome.



Some parents have asked how to help their child at home.

The following will be beneficial to your child's development:

Play role play games which have real objects and simple scenarios (e.g. going on a train ride, setting up a café).

Activities which develop fine motor skills (e.g. cutting up playdough with a knife and fork, tracing lines, threading pasta on string or spaghetti).

Share a reading book with your child and talk about the pictures, linking to experiences where possible.

Provide opportunities to have real experiences, developing language. Add photos and tickets etc. to your child's communication book.

Cooking, especially Christmas treats.