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Term 1

Welcome to term 1 in Blackbirds. We are at the moment still in the library in The Oaks, but there has been great development since the summer holidays with the new build. In fact, it is almost finished with them just completing the ground work.

There have been a few changes at the start of this term, including 'me time' for all Y1 & 2 children to integrate into their PE classes. The children have settled in well to this and are enjoying the experience of new classes. They have also participated in 'creative afternoon' where the children can select an activity in different classes and they stay with that activity for 3 weeks. This is supported by Unit staff.

This term's topic is 'All Around the World' and they will be learning about famous land marks which are either natural or manmade. They will be learning the names of continents and looking at some different countries in more detail. If you have photos of famous sights and would like to share them with us, I'm sure the children will be very interested.

We will be looking at food from around the world and hopefully where we can  try some new tastes!




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A couple of photos for an update of the Unit. As you can see it is nearly complete, including ground work.


The children have celebrated Divali this week. They were allowed to wear a costume or something bright coloured to school. We read the story of Rama and Sita to tell the story of why Hindus celebrate the 'Festivals of Lights' (Divali). The children also made Rangoli patterns, learnt how Hindus celebrate Divali, wrote about the story or about the celebrations and to finish the day, they made a vegetable curry (which they got to eat at school). I think most of them liked it!

As part of our geography, learning about physical and human features, we visited the park and as you can see the children enjoyed themselves, collecting natural objects, running around the park and climbing on the tree trunk. Through 'doing' the children were able to say what the difference was between 'physical and human' features.
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