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Term 1

Term 1 'Up in the air'


Welcome to Year 2 Hummingbirds! Our first topic is 'Up in the air.' We are already really excited about all the new things we are going to learn. We will be reading Eugene the plane spotter, learning about different birds and finding out about the first aeroplane flight! Our topic will have a strong Geography focus where we will find out about our worlds different continents, oceans and countries.


In Hummingbirds, we currently have a planetarium as our role play area, linked to our topic 'Up in the air.' We are looking forward to using our planetarium, designing our own space suits, thinking about our favourite planet and what we would take with us to space.


As our topic is 'Up in the air', we have a little challenge for you! Can you think of all the different objects/animals/transport that can travel up in the air? Please bring in your ideas, so that we can display your work on our class website page. Here are a few ideas...  


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Picture 2
Picture 3