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Term 1

Welcome to Term 1!

This term we will be helping the children to transition from Reception into Year 1. To do this we will have a reception style time-table for the first two weeks, and then move on to a normal Year 1 day. As this is their first class change, the children can find it a bit tiring adjusting to the new things each day brings.

To promote independence we expect children to walk through the class door by themselves and take out their reading books ready to be changed.  This is their responsibility.  Please say your 'goodbyes' on the playground to avoid blocking the doors to the classroom.

Our Topic this term is...

What a Wonderful World and Me.

In this topic we will be exploring the world around us, thinking about who we live with, and where we live.  We have a cafe set up in the role-play corner, and many of the children have enjoyed pretending to be customers, chefs and waiters or watresses. During this term we are hoping to fit in a visit to the local shops to investigate the journey which our food takes, and will be following 'Baxter Bear' on a trip around the world!


Our Literacy this term is story based. We will be using three stories to help to focus the children's learning. These are:

The Little Red Hen

Farmer Duck
Meerkat Mail

Through these we will encourage the children to explore different types of writing, think about settings and characters and use their imaginations.


In Numeracy we will be looking at three main areas of understanding during the term. These are:

Numbers and place value

Money and measures

Addition and subtraction

The children will explore each of these areas in a physical way before we ask them to record anything. This physical experience helps them to gain an understanding of numbers and processes so that they can link this to the numbers and signs on a page.