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Religious Education


Non-denominational Religious Education is provided for all children as part of the curriculum and is taught in accordance with the Kent Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

Assembly is an important part of the school day when we meet together as a community. It is a time when we place emphasis on the development of values and attitudes towards each other and the world around us. Assemblies are non-denominational and are of a broadly Christian nature. We also give consideration to the multicultural society in which we live and recognise other faiths, particularly around times of celebrations and festivals.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education and collective worship should they so wish. If parents do not wish their child to be taught the agreed syllabus or take part in short acts of collective worship then they should inform us in writing.

RE lessons offer a chance for children to explore beliefs and practices of 5 major world faiths.  Visits to places of worship, handling artefacts and visits from practising members of different faiths enhance children’s understanding of our multicultural society.  Children consider the influence of the teachings of different faiths on their followers as well as responding to the big questions of life from their individual viewpoint, thereby valuing beliefs of all children while developing their understanding, tolerance and respect for the beliefs of others.


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