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Welcome to Ladybirds

Welcome to Ladybird Class

We are so excited to meet and get to know you all. We pride ourselves on our ability to deepen children's learning by following their own interests and fascinations. We carefully observe and plan our environment around the children, to provide breadth of experiences in which they can explore and discover at their own pace. Our focus is to learn and teach as we play 'in the moment' with each child, to meet their individual needs and foster independence and creativity. We also value the knowledge you have about your unique child so do come and share.  


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Our Learning Journey 2018-2019


Please take a look below below to see what we have been learning and exploring each week!

Term One.... New beginnings


Week One and Two

Since our very first session we have been learning lots about our environment and new routines. Most of us have never been to a Nursery setting before. We have been learning to separate from our caregivers with a little support. We have been very busy exploring so many new things alongside new adults and other children too. We have started to explore our new environment both inside and out in all weathers! We are learning that we can already do lots for ourselves and we are becoming independent!


Week Three

This week we have been …. learning to take care of our environment, ourselves and of others too.

We have also been fascinated by rainbows and many of us have created our own. We have used different media to represent these through song, dance and mark making.

This week we were keen to read and re-read the Tiger who came to Tea. This led to lots of imaginative play, mark and tea making.



Week Four

This week we have ….been exploring and experimenting. We have been mixing different materials together such as sand and water. We also found out what happens when we add water and watercolours. We opened up the mud kitchen this week and this led to lots of baking and cherry pies too. As the sun came out on Friday we found lots of Ladybirds in Ladybirds. They were all different shapes and sizes and fascinated us all.


Week Five

This week we have been taking advantage of such a warm October and engaging in lots of outside play. Whilst exploring we have found lots of spiders (inside and out.) We have continued to develop ideas in our mud kitchen and have added different materials including sand and conker meatballs too! Lots of us engaged in the big draw on Friday afternoon and made marks to some calm music. We have also been “having a go” even when we feel unsure and this had enabled us to develop our skills in cutting, mark making and even walking across palettes without getting stuck! We also made a journey into the school hall to have our photographs taken. What a lot of learning Ladybirds!

Week Six

This week was a shorter week! Despite this we still found the time to learn lots! Katy (who was one of the teachers in Ladybirds last year) was leaving to spend time at home and have her new baby. We decided to plan a party. The children suggested it was a “quiet party” though! So we designed and made bunting to hang, created a card with our wonderful mark making and created a big bow for Katy to wear around her bump! We wrote her some invitations too. We celebrated this special time with Katy and enjoyed some cakes and treats. We also gave her a present too.

We also started to think about other celebrations that were coming up soon too.



Welcome back to Term Two

This week we have ……..been exploring the new spaces and zones created over the holidays in our outdoor area. This led to us thinking about how we could make the areas look beautiful. So we tried some tree wrapping and decoration.

We have experimented and explored tubes, racks, guttering and funnels to create sounds and ramps to roll and spin things. We even used the tubes and compared the sizes of them and us to them too!

We have been talking and sharing lots of holiday news and also talking about how we are going to be celebrating different events like Bonfire Night.

Week Two

This week we have been using our imaginations and our creative skills in lots of different ways. Lots of us have been thinking about the different characters in stories and this has led to us creating frog and other sock puppets and fairies from pegs and lolly sticks. Lottie and Evie created their own story maps and used them to tell their own mermaid stories. On Friday we started to create a fairy garden in a bowl in our large lorry tyre. This generated lots of ideas and is something we will continue to plan and create. We have started to learn the signs for Dear Zoo and we will continue to think and learn more about this text next week.

Week Three

This week we have learning to look, look and look again! Some of us spotted some snails and slugs outside. This led to us looking up information and finding out that a snail has a foot! We looked on the Smartboard at some synchronised swimmers and this led to us creating shiny costumes for our Barbie swimmers. We also looked in the Bubble room and Abbie thought hard about what she could create to improve it even more. On Friday we celebrated Children in Need day by coming in wearing spots! We looked at and compared what we were all wearing. Bonnie showed us that even her pony had spots too!