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Welcome to Goldfinches!


On this page you will find out about what we are learning and see examples of our wonderful work.  Just click on the link to the term you want to view.

How can I help my child at home?


Go to the library and share a range of stories with your child. Can you find any that are based on traditional tales or have familiar characters in them? (There are plenty out there such as Once upon a time by John Prater or Little Red.) Compare and discuss stories with your child. What elements do they all have? What story language can you find? Bring in books and things you have found to share.

Can you find any books that have lifts, flaps, levers and wheels in them? Can you talk about how they move with your child? What effect does this create for the reader? Can they bring them in to share?

Go on a shape hunt around the house and use positional and directional language to describe where you would find things.

Look up information on the internet about Julia Donaldson. What can you find out? Please bring it in and share it with us.


Our learning challenges


We will continue with a range of learning challenges throughout the week.

Please talk about these with your child. By the end of the week all the children should have completed at least three.


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