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My name is Christine Clawey, I am a native French speaker, I have been living in the UK for over 20 years and I am very enthusiastic and passionate about sharing my first language. I feel it is very important for children to learn another language and believe that language skills are best learnt early. They are already busy acquiring their own language and they can adapt to learning another one with amazing ease. I hope that it will give them an advantage later in life.

Teaching primary school children is the best because it is so much fun! They are learning through games, stories, rhymes and songs, using puppets to engage them. We are learning about numbers, colours, how we are feeling, our body ,the weather, our family,  food, animals and so much more! Children are always praised and get stickers and certificates. Their curiosity has no limit and they never stop to surprise me. I have a very close bond with all the children. They are little sponges and have so much fun learning!