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Eco Team

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Eco Team


Eco Team includes representatives from each Key Stage 1 class. We meet regularly and we take part in whole school assemblies to tell the rest of the school about our plans and activities. During our assemblies other children can share their ideas. We also have an Eco Team noticeboard. Our ‘Eco Code’ was created by all the members of Eco Team and, is reviewed every year.


Eco Code

O nly use a car if you have to

A lways reduce, reuse and recycle

K eep our school and school grounds litter free and look after our plants and wildlife

S ave water and electricity


We complete an environmental review each year and make good decisions about what still needs to be done to improve our environment. These form our Eco Action Plan.




  • Switch off classroom lights when not needed e.g. during assembly or playtime
  • Turn off toilet lights if not needed
  • Switch off computer monitors when you have finished using them
  • Keep heating thermostats at appropriate level during winter months




  • Continue to use water butts to water plants


Recycling/Waste Minimization/Litter


  • Photocopy double sided whenever possible
  • Keep a scrap tray in the classroom for paper and card
  • ‘Bag to School’ Collection twice a year
  • Continue to recycle paper, card, pens and plastic
  • Recycle glass from staffroom
  • Continue to compost fruit, vegetables, shredded paper, garden waste and tea bags
  • Litter picking regularly in school grounds and at playtimes on Key Stage 1 playground
  • Purchase additional bin for school grounds
  • Take part in a second community litter pick


School Grounds


  • Plant additional plants under hornbeams
  • Plant wild flowers in long grass area
  • Continue to feed birds throughout the year
  • Green Team to continue to plant a range of plants
  • Continue to develop minibeast habitats
  • Continue to use compost bins to provide compost for Green Team activities



Healthy Living


  • ‘Five a Day’ exercise activity in classrooms




  • Continue ‘Walk on Wednesday’ competition throughout the year


Global Perspective


  • Continue to sponsor children in Rukungiri, Uganda


The children plan and participate in a wide range of activities.  Electricity and Gas consumption are monitored regularly by the children who read the meters with the help of our Site Manager.  We make signs to remind everyone about saving resources.  Green Team make choices about which plants to grow, plant them and help to look after them.  We now have an apple orchard, two grape vines and a wide range of flowers.  We are growing lots of fruit and vegetables including strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, peas, beans, potatoes and mushrooms!  Last summer we created a wild flower meadow in the long grass area of our school grounds – see the photographs below!


We were awarded our fifth Eco Schools Green Flag in July 2016.