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Class of 2016-2017

Key Steps Gymnastics

MEAPA, Gravesend


We were incredibly proud of the 8 children we took to the Key Steps Gymnastics on Friday 24th March. Oaks Team 1 came third and Oaks Team 2 came second. The children had been really honest before they went about feeling nervous and excited. The nerves were pushed aside as they performed their excellent floor, body conditioning and vault routines. They enjoyed themselves so much that they want to take part in the Swallows competition which is taking place at the end of April.


Team Oaks!

Team Oaks! 1
Team Oaks! 2
Team Oaks! 3
Team Oaks! 4
Team Oaks! 5
Team Oaks! 6
Team Oaks! 7
Team Oaks! 8
Team Oaks! 9
Team Oaks! 10
Team Oaks! 11
Team Oaks! 12
Team Oaks! 13

Book Week!


We have been having so much fun during book week! Our classroom doors have turned into book covers, we helped to create them. Each year group have visited the library and we are going to be dressing up as book characters on Thursday smiley 

Look at all of the wonderful things we have been doing...


Our wonderful book covers on our classroom doors!

Book Week Fun!