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Welcome to Blackbirds' class. We are a small class which is part of the Speech and Language Unit. We integrate into the Oaks for some areas of the curriculum, also playtimes and lunchtimes.

In Blackbirds we learn Makaton signing and Cued Articulation to help us with communication and sounds.

We have a lovely outdoor area which we use to explore, investigate and have lots of fun (sometimes messy)!

This term we will be learning about 'Ourselves' for the first couple of weeks and then 'Food and Exercise'. We welcome any photos, pictures or items of interest from home, to learn more about your child and develop communication.

We will also be cooking this term and will be learning about local and seasonal fruit and vegetables. We will also be discussing 'Harvest Festival' and hopefully tasting a variety of different foods. The children will also be learning where different food is grown and explore the texture of fruit and vegetables.

The children most of the time engage in learning outdoors, so be prepared for messy days (we do insist they wear wellies and puddle suits or aprons where appropriate).